Rosário Antunes
Frutoeste Technical Responsible

Integrated Production

Our orchards respect the rules of Integrated Production. Farmers manage natural resources – soil, water and the presence of pollinating insects in the orchard – carefully, with a view to producing quality and safe fruit for the consumer.

Drip irrigation

Our orchards are drip irrigation, a system that allows for more rational irrigation and great water savings. The decision of when and how much to water is supported by data provided by soil moisture monitoring probes.

Carlos Maia
Fruit West Producer

Natural methods

Our farmers use natural methods to control the insects that damage the fruit, keeping it healthy and safe for the consumer. An example is the use of natural pheromones, placed in diffusers hanging from trees, to control the appearance of caterpillars (bugs). This technique, called “sexual confusion”, prevents the mating of male and female insects.

We preserve the ecosystem

from underground. By not mobilizing the orchards' soils, we maintain the fertility and balance of the subsoil, minimizing the need for fertilizers.

Gonçalo Belchior
Fruit West Producer


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