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Rich in Vitamin C

Lemon is used for therapeutic purposes, but also for obtaining essences for making perfumes.

Mafra lemon

Green or yellow in color, with a slightly rough skin and with some rubbing caused by the winds always present on the coast, Mafra Lemon has an intense aroma and freshness typical of freshly picked fruits, as it is not subject to conservation.

DOP Pera Rocha do Oeste

The DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) guarantee seal ensures that it is a product with quality, reputation, notoriety and antiquity.
130g - is the average weight of a medium-sized Rocha pear (60/65 mm).

DOP Pera Rocha do Oeste

7Kg - a Portuguese consumes an average of 7kg of Pera Rocha per year.
€76 million - Pera Rocha is the fruit and vegetable product with the biggest positive balance in the Portuguese trade balance and is exported to more than 20 countries.

Economical engine

In the 80s and 90s, it was the main economic engine for the inhabitants of these villages of Sobreiro, Achada, Arrebenta, Paúl, Casal da Serra, Brejo and Fonte Santa. It was much sought after by national citrus factories and also for export.

Economical engine

12,000 hectares - is the area of Pear Rocha orchards in Portugal.
172,925 tons - is the average annual production of Pear Rocha in Portugal.


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